BWT Investments

BWT Investments acts as the management, investment, holding and corporate finance division of the Group.

This division is involved in the funding of start-up companies and speculative projects through its venture capital operations and in some instances, together with associated companies.

BWT Investments holds Joint Venture partnerships for infrastructure development and for various Commercial development opportunities worldwide.

As such, BWT Investments works with World Bank and their affiliated operations in Developing Countries, IDC, Commonwealth Development Corporation, African Development Bank, East African Development Bank and most Commercial Banks and Finance Organisations in the Regions.

The company manages the Group's own investment portfolio and provides treasury, management and corporate control to the Group's subsidiary and associated companies globally.

BWT Investments acts as facilitator and in some cases as project manager for major infrastructure projects worldwide. Project expertise lies within the railway, civil engineering, power and energy industries.

BWT African Investments Limited.

BWT African Investments Limited is the South African based company responsible for legacy relationships in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company promotes the group as a whole and energy trading as a priority.