Our History

The Company was founded in 1895 by Henry Blakey and Andrew Wilson, both South African immigrant entrepreneurs.

The Company was involved with the construction of the Natal Government Railway in the early 1900's and Wilson was one of the founders of a local co-operative bank, the Natal Building Society.

Later the Company was involved in gold prospecting in the Transvaal and Wilson became one of the founders of the Barberton Metals Exchange which later became the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Over the rest of the century, the Company grew in a number of diverse directions but its core business remained property, engineering and investment.

In 1932, the Company divested its banking interests and began to concentrate on property and industrial development.

In 1995, the Company was again restructured and streamlined with the non core businesses being disposed of.

Our most recent realignments came in 2009 and 2014 and have resulted in a more focused group structure.